Surfboard Pukas Spicy 6'4

450 CHF


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Length: 6'4
Width: 9 1/4
Thickness: 2 9/16
Volume: 32.12

(I'm 180cm and 79kg)

Fins: 5 Fin Futures

I bought this board in 2016 for a boattrip in Indonesia for bigger, hollower waves. Surfed the board about 6 times (I surfed other boards as well on that trip). So the board is almost new!

Original price: CHF 600.00
My price: CHF 450.00

Reason for selling: Changing to a one board quiver since I don't have the time to go surfing that often anymore and won't need this board.

Personal thoughts on the board:
- paddles well
- stable at takeoff and can hold a line really well
- good for bigger turns, for cutbacks and snaps it's to bulky
- due to the rocker late and step take offs are no problem

I would recommend this board someone who want's to surf bigger waves (> 5ft and more) or someone who's getting started on a shortboard and needs a board that floats and paddles well and isn't too tippy.

Company Description:
This is the third board from a High-Performance Collection developed by Axel Lorentz compound by 3 surfboards; The Pukas Juicy, the Pukas Tasty and the Pukas Spicy.

Fits better when waves are pumping. Think of overhead Hossegor, classic Mundaka, a trip to the Canar y Islands, endless classy Moroccan right-handers ? It?s made to accelerate as you take of f on any of those demanding waves .

It features a more pronounced rocker than the Pukas Tasty, a nar rower outline and lower rails . A single concave to a slight double concave in the end to generate speed. The board has a combo f in system, meaning you can jump f rom a thruster to a four-f in set-up if desired .

Tips: If it?s glassy with long sections that demand speed, go for the four-f in set up. You might want to surf it as a thruster if you are going to f ind some wind chop (it will hold better).

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