Star Citizen - Standalone Ship - ARGO MOLE LTI Upgrade Loane

340 CHF


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This is the "Argo Mole"  Ship of the Concept Sale 2019.

This is an special offer, i sell you one Standalone Ship of your choice plus an upgrade to the Argo Mole wich can be applied at your freedom or be used to melt and use in the store (value 315$ minus Loaner Value)

one of following LTI Loaner Ships can be choosen for the Upgrade:

- Nox LTI               (Value 40$)  (5x in Stock)

- Nox Kue LTI        (Value 40$)  (5x in Stock)

- X1 Base LTI        (Value 40$)  (2x in Stock)

- X1 Velocity LTI    (Value 45$)  (1x in Stock)

- X1 Force LTI       (Value 50$)  (2x in Stock)


ARGO’s pragmatic no-nonsense approach to ship design is celebrated in the unmistakable silhouette of the MOLE. Just one look at this machine and you know it means business. Tap into your full potential with the combined force of ARGO’s patented trilateral mining system. The MOLE has a total of 24 mineral pods, each holding 12 SCU. Eight pods are usable at one time – when they’re full, either head home or jettison them for collection by another vessel and carry on mining. Three independently controlled articulated extraction stations allow for maximum power and near-limitless versatility. The MOLE lives by the adage ’many hands make for light work’.

The Package Includes:

- Loaner Ship of choice

- Lifetime Insurance
- Hangar depending on wich Loaner Ship you choose (check Picture)
- Extras depending on wich Loaner Ship you choose (check Picture)

- Ship Upgrade - Loaner Ship to Argo Mole Upgrade
(of the Concept Sale 2019.)

*All items listed are Digital Items for the PC Game "Star Citizen" and not real Items!

How to get it:

Step 1 - Send me your RSI Handle* and the e-mail adress linked to the Handle and

              the Name of a LTI Loaner u would like to have in a note while purchase (Paypal)

              or Message me on () during/after purchase!

Step 2 - After i recieved your Money in Paypal i will send you your new Items within 36h

              to  the email+handle u messaged me!

Step 3 - You will recieve an email with Instructions to claim your Items directly by RSI

* You must have a Star Citizen account in order to accept this item.

  Create an New Login Account on the following Website from RSI:


- If you NOT want to use Paypal contact me directly!

- If I dont recieve any e-mail + Handle from you i will refund you!

- I accept PayPal payment only from verified PayPal users.
- The RSI Hangar Log will be used to track and prove delivery.

- while purchase u agree the End User Eula of RSI:

-The Cloud Imperium Games gift system allows each item to be gifted once and only once!

  After an item is accepted, NO returns are allowed and therefore NO refund is possible.

  Should the purchased item no longer be available in my Hangar, a full refund will be


- Any attempts to defraud will be reported to both local authorities and criminal complaints

  filed when appropriate.

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