Jurassic World: The Game Accountboosting Fillup

25 CHF


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Hello everyone, 

I'm a verified seller from playerup and i can boost anything you would like to have except VIP access. 

Please contact me before you buy anything of me so we can discuss how long your top up service will take.

Everything is made from myself, the delivery is always virtual and i give 100% to all kind of my service.

Fillup Package Standart: 99'999'999 Dna, Food, Coins (without Dollars and JW Points)

Fillup Package+: 99'999'999 Dna, Food, Coins + 200'000 Dollars and 200'000 JW Points

Fillup Package++: 99'999'999 Dna, Food, Coins + 1'000'000 Dollars and 1'000'000 JW Points

Fillup Package+++: 99'999'999 Dna, Food, Coins + 99'999'999 Dollars and 99'999'999 JW Points

(real worth of the Package+++ = About 1 Million Euros real Money)

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