Destiny 2 PS4/PC/XBOX1 Ironbanner quest Recovery ( fast + ch

15 CHF


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Destiny 2 PS4/PC/XBOX1 Ironbanner quest Recovery ( fast + cheap )

 Please read the following sentences, so you now, what you will buy :

This is not a Produc, this is a service from us, make sure after purchasing this service, to send youre login for PS4/XBOX1/Steam, we will log on to youre acc. and play ironbanner, till the quest + the bountys are done. Make sure to have a powerlevel of 1050 or higher, so we are faster done, than if you have a powerlevel of 1020 ;)

Why should you buy this from me and trust me aswell ? you can see i have a 100% positive feedback rating, after im done with youre acc. i will delete it from my ps4/pc/xbox1 acc. so there is no worries for you ;)

 please leave a feedback after purchase and recceived the finished quest + the bountys from lord saladin :)

( it will be done in less than 24h )

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