Destiny 2 Flawless Recoverry PS4 / PC (crosssave) fast, chea

50 CHF


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Destiny 2 Flawless Recoverry PS4 / PC (crosssave) fast, cheap and legit players, we play for you, on youre acc ( make sure to send us the login for youre Plattform aswell when you buy this service), and only top players in trials ( top 500 ) will play for you on youre ps4/xbox1 or pc acc. u need a minimum of 1050 light on youre acc. we play a SAFE Flawless Passage of Mercy on youre acc. if you have any question, let us know :) we are 100% trustet, so make sure after purchase and getting the flawless, to leave a rating <3

The Flawless will be done in less than 24h

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