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10/40 GbE Distributed Chassis Switch for Aggregation/Core

Today?s enterprise network core and aggregation layers are quickly moving to 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switching  as enterprises rapidly adopt applications such as High-Definition (HD) video, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which drive the need for resilient, high- bandwidth access networks. To meet these challenges, campus network solutions must provide better performance, port density, reliability, security, Quality of Service (QoS), and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Likewise, data centers are expanding to accommodate data storage growth. Requirements such

as application convergence, non-stop operation, scalability, high availability, and power efficiency are placing even greater demands on the network infrastructure.



Performance of Chassis in 1RU

·   Deployed as aggregation or core solution

·   Wire-speed, non-blocking performance

Industry-Leading 10/40 GbE Port Density

·   32 ports of 40 GbE or 96 ports of 10 GbE

·   2.56 Tbps switching capacity

Increased Reliability and Availability Through Redundancy

·   Load-sharing, hot-swappable power supplies

·   Ruckus MCT eliminates single point of failure

Advanced L3 Routing Delivers Network Design Flexibility



Market-Leading Stacking Scalability

·   Up to 12 switches per stack

·   Up to 10 km using standard optics or cables

Campus Fabric Reduces Cost of Operations, Increases Flexibility

·   Delivers the benefits of a chassis with the flexibility of stackables

·   Scales to over 1800 ports

Energy Efficient Use of Power and Cooling Lowers Opex Costs

The Ruckus® ICX® 7750 switch delivers industry-leading 10/40  GbE port density, advanced high-availability capabilities, and flexible stacking architecture, making it the most robust Ruckus aggregation and core distributed chassis switch offering for enterprise LANs. In addition to rich Layer 3 features, the Ruckus ICX 7750 scales to 12-unit distributed-chassis stacking and serves as the Control Bridge for Ruckus Campus Fabric technology.


Part of the Ruckus ICX family of switches for campus LAN and classic Ethernet data center environments, the Ruckus ICX 7750 switch is a 1U high-performance solution that meets the needs of business-sensitive campus deployments and classic data center environments. With a low latency, cut-through, non-blocking

architecture, the Ruckus ICX 7750 provides a cost-effective, robust solution for the most demanding deployments.


Deployed as a standalone switch, a stack, or a network fabric, organizations reap the benefits of a flexible platform and the assurance that their investments are protected.

Leading-Edge Design Flexibility and Reliability
The Ruckus ICX 7750 switch provides the capabilities of a chassis with the flexibility and cost effectiveness of a stackable switch. Ruckus ICX 7750 is available in three models: the Ruckus ICX 7750-48F, ICX 7750-48C, and ICX 7750-26Q. The Ruckus ICX

7750-48F and ICX 7750-48C both offer 48 10 GbE ports (SFP+ and 10GBASE-T, respectively) and up to 12 40 GbE ports (six optional) (see Figures 1 and 2). The Ruckus ICX 7750-26Q offers up to 32 40 GbE QSFP+ ports (six optional) (see Figure 3). All models support stacking, which allows organizations to buy only the ports they need now and expand later by adding switches  to the stack where and when they are needed. This eliminates the need for a forklift upgrade and helps avoid provisioning an underutilized, centralized chassis.


Up to 12 Ruckus ICX 7750 switches can be stacked together using up to 12 full-duplex 40 Gbps

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